WaveMachine Labs Auria

July 19, 2012


It’s finally arrived – Auria from WaveMachine Labs ($50) offers 48 tracks of simultaneous playback and up to 24-tracks of recording (anyone with info on how to get 24-tracks at one time into an iOS device, please let us know).  The effects are top notch and includes VST support.   Check out details they’ve included:


Midi Studio

May 7, 2012

Even if you aren’t ready to make sound with the iPad in your studio or stage setup, it makes an excellent controller.  Midi Studio ($11) is one such controller that let’s you send MIDI information via a virtual keyboard, faders, knobs, and various different drum pads.  We’re really happy the to see velocity sensitivity, modulation, pitch, arpeggiation, as well as custom key scales.  Midi Studio is a versatile tool to hook up all your MIDI enabled hardware and software and supports signals over CoreMidi, Wi-Fi and USB.


Waves Mashup

April 23, 2012


Waves plugins are powerful (and yes expensive) tools used in professional music studios.  That’s why we are excited to see Mashup ($40), a pro DJ iPad app powered by Waves and Musicsoft Arts.  Replacing complex, expensive and cumbersome DJ gear like turntables, CDJs, mixers, and PCs, Mashup on the iPad is a fully operational mobile DJ booth.


Main Features:

  • Superior sounding 2-channel stereo mixer with up to +6 db gain per mixing channel
  • Beautifully designed and intuitive mixer user interface with quick access to music, EQ, filter, loops and more..
  • Tempo change with real time time-stretching for each channel
  • Pitch-shift for each channel
  • Robust 3-band EQ per channel
  • Resonant Filters – one high-pass and/or low-pass filter with adjustable resonance per channel, using a unique touch ribbon interface
  • iPad music library instant playback – instantly play any track from your device
  • DJ with headphones. Run Mashup on an iPhone or an iPod Touch and connecting it with your – iPad using WiFi or Bluetooth
  • Free mixable music downloads from major dance music artists
  • A robust music library with multiple playlists and quick loading to the mixer
  • Realistic, noise-free scratching
  • Record your mixes in stereo to an uncompressed audio file and copy the file to your computer to editing, further mixing and sharing
  • Premium Feature – MAXX, a sophisticaed algorithm to enhance sound for different environments

Mashup is designed for iPad 2 and the new iPad. Mashup for iPhone and iPod Touch allows using these devices for headphone monitoring when mixing on an iPad.


Fluxama Noisemusick

April 19, 2012



Exploring sound in new and interesting ways might just be why we love iOS music apps so much!  Noisemusick ($1) from Fluxama, a collection of three controllable synthesizers, fits this bill perfectly.  This universal app works by pressing the four pads in different combinations, generating interesting frequencies and modulations.  The sound can be “held” to create rhythmic patterns and the tone can be shaped in unique ways to your liking (or disliking).  This is as close to circuit bending as your going to get on iOS.


The latest entry into music making apps aimed at musicians and non-musicians alike is a good one.  Figure ($1) from Propellerhead Software lets you easily put great sounding, simple songs together with Drums, Bass and Synth.   Slide your finger across the play pad and hear your bass line play. Tweak the Rhythm, Range and Scale Step wheels to get the result you’re after. Programming drumbeats is just as easy. Set the rhythm and play the drums with your fingers. You won’t want to stop.  A dollar well spent.


Cleartune – Chromatic Tuner

February 16, 2012

Simple apps seem to be king on iPhone.  Incorporating just the right feature-set, Cleartune – Chromatic Tuner ($4) is just a great tuner that does it’s job efficiently and most importantly, accurately.  Plus/Minus 1 cent to be precise.  Cleartune works with just about any instrument, has an ultra-responsive needle, selectable temperaments, selectable notations, support for transposing, adjustable calibration, pitch pipe and automatic or manual note selection.  This tool is a no-brainer.


Periscope Audio Lab SpaceSamplerSimple, cool apps are sometimes what we want on an iPhone.  SpaceSampler ($1) from Periscope Audio Lab is just that.  One big mix knob, 15 great sounding Impulse Response (IRs) filters, a file browser and a bunch of sharing options like Audio Copy, Soundcloud, Dropbox and e-mail.  The filters cover a wide range of sounds, with standouts being the dub classic “Studio One”, a 60′s inspired “Dream Plate”, a voice vocoder called “Electro” and a really great sounding “Smooth Spring.”  It’s been compared to photo filtering apps (but of course SpaceSampler deals with audio) in functionality and that comparison sits nicely with us.  The ability to re-load filtered audio into the sampler is nice, but we can’t wait until audio paste is included so we can use SpaceSampler to process audio made in other apps (Audio Copy is included though).  Check it out and start sharing your creations!


Petites Ondes

February 3, 2012


Recreations of classic instruments like the MellotronFairlight and iMS-20 are favorites around here.  Petites Ondes ($3) joins this group as an iPad reproduction of a classical electronic instrument.  It’s sort of theremin-esq, however really belongs in a class by itself.  The expressive controls work like this:  Right hand controls pitch and left hand controls dynamics.  Other features include vibrato, trill, timbre select, reverb and pitch.  Like a real instrument, expect this one to take some time to master.



We’re excited when multi-task gestures are fully utilized.  That’s why Bastus Trump Orphion ($5), an intuitive, beautiful sounding, percussive string type instrument, caught our attention.  Orphion has full articulation for soft, plucked and a slap type sound, the ability to play both legato and staccato between notes, as well great transposable pad layouts.  This feels and plays like a real instrument and is highly reccomended.


Photos: iOS Winter NAMM 2012

January 22, 2012
Alesis DM Dock

iOS devices were everywhere this year at Winter NAMM, a yearly convention that  showcases new (and old) products from worldwide musical manufactures.  Here are some photos of new apps and gadgets from the convention (Click through for the photos).

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